Hon. Tana L. Coates

Standing Case Management Order

Judge Crandall issues a Standing Case Management Order in all civil filings, which contemplates an expedited discovery procedure through the use of a Pretrial Discovery Conference.  These documents appear on the links below.

Attorney Guidelines —
Civility And Professionalism

The State Bar of California has adopted the Guidelines of Civility and Professionalism set forth below.

Uncivil or unprofessional conduct not only disserves the individual involved, but also demeans the legal profession and system of justice as a whole. Judge Crandall strongly endorses these Guidelines and encourages counsel to take the attorney's pledge that appears at the end.

Copies of the full and abbreviated versions will be available in Department 9.

 Tentative Rulings

FilesLast Modified
Dolezal Family Ltd Partnership v. Doan DDS, 17CV-0301.pdf01/16/2018
Tinsley v. Aztec Foreclosure Corp., 16CV-0466.pdf01/16/2018


Rulings on Summary Judgment Motions

Files Last Modified
VanNess v. Port San Luis, CV13-0369 (summary judgment) 10/31/2016
Ponce v. Matich, 14CVP-0132 (summary judgment) 08/19/2015


Rulings and Orders of General Interest

FilesLast Modified
Happy New Year and Thanks.pdf12/28/2017