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Paso Department 2 Family Law Court Reporter Coverage

Commencing March 1, 2016, Department 2 in Paso Robles will be hearing family law cases on Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m. and a court reporter will not be provided.  Should you want your matter reported, you will need to hire a reporter privately.  If you need a list of local pro tem reporters or agencies, contact the Supervising Court Reporter Anna Hernandez at (805) 781-1132.

Proposed changes to local rules of court eff. Jan 2015

Any comments should be sent to

SLO Superior Court, Attn: Michael Powell, Court Executive Officer, 1035 Palm St, Room 385, San Luis Obispo, CA 93408

Index of Proposed Changes Jan. 2015 

PR 006 San Luis Obispo First and Final report of executor_administrator
PR 008 Order Appointing Counsel for Conservatee
PR 009 LPS Conservatorship Petition
PR 010 LPS Conservatorship Doctor declaration
PR 011 LPS Conservatorship Notice
PR 012 LPS Conservatorship Proof of Service
PR 013 LPS Conservatorship Citation
PR 014 LPS Conservatorship Order
PR 015 LPS Letters of Conservatorship
PR 016 Petition for visitation - guardianship
PR 017 Order for Visitation
PR 018 Verification
PR 019 Declaration of Diligent search
PR 020 Objection
PR 021 Notice to Franchise Tax Board
PR 022 Notice to Department of Health
PR 023 Notice to Victim's Compensation Board
PR 024 Waiver of Bond
PR 025 Petition for order to dispense with accounting


SLO Superior Court seeks Public Comment on Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2014-15

Public Notice of the Courts Proposed Budget

San Luis Obispo FY2014-15 Baseline Budget Proposal



Civil Case FAX-Filing is no longer being offered

Please consider E-Filing.  See the announcement below. 


Civil E-Filing is now available.

E-Filing is now available for all civil case types:  Unlimited, Limited, Small Claims, Probate and Guardianships, Family Law, Family Support, Adoption and Mental Health. For more information please check here


Alert - Notice to Public of “Notice to Appear in Court” Email Scam

If you receive an email purporting to be from a clerk of the court referencing a “Notice to Appear in Court”, please delete it immediately.  Do not open any attachments, click on any links, or unsubscribe. Doing so may install the malware/virus onto your computer.

San Luis Obispo Superior will never email a Notice to Appear in Court to the public.  






Superior Court of California

County of San Luis Obispo

1035 Palm Street, Room 385

    Michael Powell              San Luis Obispo, CA 93408

  Court Executive Officer         (805) 781-5421

                 fax (805) 781-1159                                       



CONTACT:    Michael Powell, Court Executive Officer (805) 781-5421




            Due to building and courtroom configuration limitations, media and public seating will be extremely limited.  Although the Court anticipates opening a media availability and interview area in the courthouse, creation of an overflow room for public viewing and listening is not possible.


            Because there is an overwhelming demand to view this trial, seating is at a premium.  Litigants and their counsel must be accommodated which leaves six gallery seats for the media and public.


          Accordingly, a media pool reporting system will be in place for the trial.  Three seats will be initially allocated to the media as follows: - one seat for print  pool reporter, one for broadcast; internet and cable outlets, and one for radio outlets or wire services.


          At 9:25 a.m., the Public Information Officer will ask media representatives to identify their respective pool members.  If no pool member comes forward, that seat will be reallocated to the public.  If seats remain unclaimed after the pool members and litigants to this trial have been accommodated, there will be a drawing for the vacant seats.


            For more detailed information, contact 781-5421.



Memo - Designation of Complex Cases

DATE: August 8, 2012

The Court wishes to inform you that effective immediately, the San Luis Obispo County Superior Court will begin reviewing all civil case files for the purpose of identifying those cases that should be designated as a “complex case”. Complex cases must be designated by the plaintiff or defendant or jointly on the Civil Case Cover Sheet as provided by California Rules of Court, Rule 3.401-3.402. The Court is audited by the state for case types and procedures that affect the budget of the court and the allocation of judicial resources. In these tight budgetary times, our Court finds it necessary to more strictly enforce the Rules of Court regarding case types.
Each judge to whom civil cases are assigned shall  determine (with or without a hearing) whether or not the case should be designated as complex pursuant to California Rules of Court, Rule 3.403.  If the matter is designated as complex, and if all parties have not yet paid the complex case fee required by Government Code §26826.4, the Court shall order payment of that fee.
The Court will make every effort to determine whether a case is complex as soon as feasible after a case is filed. The judge  assigned to the case has the continuing power, pursuant to California Rules of Court, Rule 3.403(b), to decide on its own motion or on noticed motion of any party, that a civil action is a complex case or that an action previously declared  to be a complex case is not a complex case.
The Court would appreciate the cooperation and assistance of the lawyers appearing before us in properly designating complexcases.

Use of Court Reporters in Civil Matters

November 1, 2011

Use of Court Reporters in Civil Law Matters Due to inadequate funding caused by budget cutbacks, the Court regrets that it will no longer be able to provide court reporters in civil law matters. If you wish to have a matter reported, please make advance arrangements with any licensed reporter or reporting firm. The Court maintains a list of local reporters with court experience that is available upon request. This new policy will go into effect on Monday, November 14, 2011.

EZLegalFile to be Discontinued

Effective June 30, 2011, EZLegalFile will discontinue operations and go offline.

Please make every effort to complete and print your California court forms prior to this date. If you have previously completed forms that you wish to save, please print them for your records as this information will no longer be available for your use.
It has been our pleasure to provide the California public and the California Superior Courts with this award-winning service over the past ten years. Regrettably, ongoing reductions in court funding has necessitated that we discontinue this service. We would like to thank you for your past support in using the EZLegalFile service.

Notice To Forensic Evaluators

June 6, 2011 (updated from June 3 notice)

Compensation Rate Increase

Effective June 3, 2011, the flat fee rate for Penal Code Section 1026 and 1027 evaluations has been changed from a $300 flat rate to a $500 flat rate.

All orders for evaluations made prior to May 18, 2011 and billed before June 3, 2011 shall remain payable at the $300 flat fee rate. All orders for evaluation made after May 18, 2011 and billed after June 3, 2011 shall be paid $500 flat fee.

For further information, call (805) 781-5421.

Identity Theft Scam Alert

The San Luis Obispo Superior Court has become aware of telephone scams by identity thieves targeting members of the public. Identity thieves call, claiming to be court employees in need of personal information for jury service.

Similar scams have been reported recently in other California counties as well as other states. (See more details of a similar scam at the Los Angeles Superior Court.)

We urge all members of the public to be aware of such scams and be careful whenever you reveal confidential information over the telephone.

Our Policy

The San Luis Obispo Superior Court does not – and will not – telephone jurors or potential jurors to ask for personal financial information.

What To Do

The Court suggests that you hang up on any caller who claims to be a court employee seeking your financial information.