Judge Tangeman Tentative Rulings

Standing Case Management Order

Judge Tangeman issues a Standing Case Management Order in all civil filings. The document appears on the link below.

FilesLast Modified
Bosch v. Board of Trustees, LC13-0444.pdf05/04/2015
Catania v. BJ's ATV, 14CV-0265.pdf05/04/2015
Eagle Vista Equities v. Nelson, 15LC-0067.pdf05/04/2015
Estate of Collins, PR-20281.pdf05/04/2015
In Re Barrientos, 15CV-0081.pdf05/04/2015
In re Bognuda Family Trust, PR12-0306.pdf05/04/2015
In Re Rudnick Trust, PR13-0085.pdf05/04/2015