2012 - 2013 Final

2012 - 2013 Grand Jury Reports


Introductory and supplementary material is still being completed.


Investigative Reports

Responses are from San Luis Obispo County agencies unless otherwise noted. (i.e. assume "Board of Supervisors" means "San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors")


Report Responses
Mandated Peace Officer Training
  • (No response required)

County Jail, Juvenile Hall and Holding cells: Inspection and Information Report

Email Accessibility To City Government
California Mens Colony Inspection
  • (No response required)
Consolidation Of Public Safety Dispatch Systems
Forensic Investigations in San Luis Obispo County
  • (No response required)

Proposed Events Ordinance Amendment
Responding To Recommendations
  • (No response required)
Trouble in Templeton's Community Service District
Animal Services Division
  • (No response required)