The Traffic Department processes Vehicle Code violations and some city and county ordinance violations issued by law enforcement agencies in San Luis Obispo County.

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Appearing in Court


Appearing in Court

The date that appears on your case that are noted on this website do not always reflect your actual appearance date. Always contact the Clerk's Office or the Traffic Processing Center to confirm your court appearance whether it be for Arraignment or Trial, if needed.

First time appearances are called Arraignments. The citing officer is not present at the Arraignment. If you intend to plead Not Guilty to your citation, you will return for an actual trial with the citing officer present at the same time. The court will notifiy you of a date and time to appear for your trial. If you have posted bail for your trial prior to your Arraignment date either by mail or at the clerk's office, a trial date and time will be mailed to you.

It is your responsibility to provide your current address and phone number to assure proper notification to you of your trial date and time.

If you have not received notification from the court regarding your Arraignment date or a Trial date, please contact the court to verify your appearance date and time.

Contesting a Citation

Traffic Forms

  • TR01 - Traffic Petition
  • TR01A - Financial Declaration
  • TR200 - Instructions for Trial by Written Declaration
  • TR205 - Request for Trial by Written Declaration
  • TR220 - Request for New Trial (Trial De Novo)

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